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    In process inspection. | Suppliers raw material inspection. | Witnessing material testing, evaluation and certification.| Nondestructive testing and inspection. | Inspection hydro test for piping, pipe line and equipment’s. | Welding inspection. | Expediting inspection. | Consultant ASME requirements (ASME Sec VIII Div. 1 & 2). | ISO standard consultancy and certification audit. | Training.

    Third Party Inspection

    • In process inspection
    • Suppliers raw material inspection
    • Witnessing material testing, evaluation and  certification.
    • Non-destructive testing and inspection
    • Inspection of hydro test for piping, pipe line and equipment
    • Welding inspection and expediting inspection
    • Selection of welders, training, conducting WQT and welder’s certification

    ISO Consultant and Training

    • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, CE markings and any other ISO standard agreed

    Boiler And Pressure Vessel Consultant For Certification

    • consultant for various type of stamp certification.

    QSV Engineers

    We are established in year 2018. We provide third party inspection and services in India & globally to meet the customer requirements. Our services include Technical inspection and verification, Testing and Conformity Assessment, Audits for industrial plants such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Refinery etc. Our team ensures that Inspected products or Installations meets the applicable codes and project specifications requirements. We also provide ISO certification and consultation. Our team of industry experts conduct trainings in various areas which form an essential part of an organization and give strength to create skilled work force and nation building.

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    Training Courses

    ISO 9001 awareness programme every saturday

    What We Do Also

    Consultant : Audit : Training

    ISO 9001:2015

    Quality Management System applicable to all types of Organizations.

    ISO 14001

    Environmental Management System. Applicable for Chemicals plants, food industries etc.

    ISO 45001:2018

    Occupational Health & Safety Management System. Applicable to All types of manufacturing, construction, Chemicals plants, food industries etc.

    ISO 22000

    Food Safety Management Systems. Applicable to all types of Food Safety Management Systems etc.

    ISO 27001

    Information Management Systems. Applicable to all types of IT industries / organization etc.

    ISO 13485

    Medical Devices. Applicable to all types of medical equipment manufacturers etc.

    CE Marking

    CE Marking association applicable to all engineering products manufacturers etc.


    as per ASME SECTION I POWER BOILERS and SECTION VIII DIVISION 2 PRESSURE VESSELS – Consultant for various type of stamp certification.

    Training Calendar Year 2019

    March 2024
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    What is Nondestructive testing.

    It is the testing carried out on the weld joints or parent metal without damaging work piece.

    Who can adopt ISO 9001 - Quality Management System.

    ISO 9001 is applicable to the all types of Organization.

    What is welding procedure specification.

    It is a written and approved document prior to start of any welding work. It helps welder to produce desired weld without rework.

    What is welder performance / Qualification test.

    A welder shows skill and ability to deposit sound weld metal on a weld specimen according to the parameter mentioned in the welding procedure specification documents. Same welded specimen passes the destructive and nondestructive test required as per code than the welder is qualified to weld and a performance certificate and Identity issued to him.

    Why Third Party Inspection required.

    This inspection is carried out on behalf of client due to non-availability additional qualified and competent person in the organization. The inspection is carried as per client’s projects specification, standards and criteria as agreed upon.

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    Non Destructive testing training and ISO orientation programme

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